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The Field Marshal Cocktail Charity Event



On Sunday 16th February, you are warmly invited to a public-spirited event at World Service:

The Field Marshal charity event for SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity,
bar manager Ed Belshaw’s campaign as Bacardi Legacy UK finalist.

Starting at 7pm, the evening will showcase Ed’s Bacardi Legacy cocktail ‘The Field Marshal’

A delicate blend of Bacardi Carta Blanca, fresh pineapple and celery, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and citrus.

Enjoy this signature cocktail or a Bacardi classic, for as little as £6 each.

100% of all proceeds will be donated to SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity. 
For 130 years, SSAFA have been working to relieve the need, suffering and distress, to provide lifelong support for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families, around the world. 

During the Battle of Blenheim in 1704, The Duke of Marlborough captured France’s highest ranking military officer, The Field Marshal, and expedited him to England, where he was housed on parole for 6 years in Newdigate House.

World Service Restaurant & Bar now resides in this building.

During his time in Nottingham, The Field Marshal discovered wild celery growing locally and cultivated it in a way previously unheard of in England.

His method of blanching celery during its growing period created the vegetable we now see in our supermarkets, 

securing his place in British history.

“My cocktail combines the skills and knowledge I have gained during my residence here at World Service to create a refreshingly simple drink with complex undertones.

World Service has always had a great relationship with the Nottinghamshire Servicemen’s club located upstairs, and the name ‘The Field Marshal’ has it’s obvious military connotations, therefore I felt donating to the veterans of the armed forces was a fitting and worthwhile cause to pledge funds for, as part of my Bacardi Legacy campaign.”
Ed Belshaw

Join us for an evening of canapés and cocktails, with 100% of all proceeds from the deliciously mixed drinks going to a wonderful cause; the SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity.

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